Squish-IT! You’re in safe hands – Australia’s first 100% Australian made wheelie bin compactor for domestic and commercial use.

Why take the risk? Filling a wheelie bin with rubbish, is an everyday activity that causes countless accidents within the home and work environment. These may include a small scratch, a large laceration, or contamination

Who would’ve thought that a wheelie bin full of rubbish could be so dangerous? Well it is, especially when we use our bare hands to push the waste down. Statistics show that manual handling of wheelie bin rubbish is responsible for a significant number of hand related injuries.

Our research has also shown that almost two thirds of consumers have experienced cuts, infections or some hand related injury when manually handling wheelie bin rubbish.

Have you ever been guilty of jumping in your bin to squeeze that extra bag of rubbish in? SQUISH-IT

Are you tired of cutting your hands when pushing down your Green waste? SQUISH-IT

Is your recycling bin filling up too quick? SQUISH-IT

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    Squish-it You're in safe hands

    Large- Squish-it – 240lt Wheelie bin compactor

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    Small Squish-it | 120lt wheelie bin compactor

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  • Squish-it – double deal

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