Buytwine offers a complete range of baler strapping tape to suit all local and imported recycling balers.

Our unique woven design provides additional bi-directional strength and split resistance often required in harsher environments. This bi-directional strength ensures our product range meets or exceeds all recycling baler manufactures specifications.



  • 9mm strapping – 250m Roll

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    BUYTWINE 9mm woven strapping

    9mm Woven strapping perfect for using in all brands of vertical balers up to 200kg bales – Buytwine’s woven strapping has been researched and designed to meet or exceed all major Vertical baler

    manufactures standards. Giving our customers a superior product to standard tape and strapping supplied.

    Our Polyester woven design is superior original composite strapping. The continuous cross-weave which prevents splitting and bale breaking.

    The flexibility and soft texture of the polyester and discounted price makes this product extremely popular.


  • 13mm Strapping – 250m Roll

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    Buytwine 13mm strapping is perfect to use in all brands of vertical balers including Bramidan, Mil-tek, Orwak, and Elephant’s Foot Balers

    Our13mm poly-woven strapping has been designed to meet or exceed all major vertical baler manufacturers strapping and tape requirements.

    The unique continuous woven design used in Buytwine strapping provides a softer and gentler texture for the operators while also boasting bi-directional strength and higher breaking strains than non-woven strapping.

    A huge 375kgs of strength will give you peace of mind knowing your baled recycling will not fall apart when being moved or collected.

    Buytwine 13mm Strapping is also perfect for securing freight on pallets, the soft polyester woven design won’t damage your product or split unlike standard PP strapping, and can also be re-tensioned if required.


  • 19mm Strapping – 500m roll

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    WOW, 800kg of strength in this 19mm woven strapping makes is a perfect replacement for steel ties in vertical balers commonly used in large vertical balers producing 500kg + bales

    A perfect replacement for all balers – Quality assurance and batch testing ensures only the highest quality product is supplied to our customers.

    This woven strapping can secure all types of pallet loading, the cross-woven design limits product damage and splitting. Flexibility allows for re-tensioning when loading and moving.